Brandspot new proprietors of Frihamnen Arena in Gothenburg

June 26, 2015. The Gothenburg Race VillageJune 26, 2015. The Gothenburg Race Village

Brandspot AB has won the bid to become the new proprietor of Frihamnspiren in Gothenburg during the coming five years. Frihamnspiren is a 630-meter long and 90-meter broad pier on the river Göta Älv, in the heart of the city with great potential to host a wide range of events.

“Brandspot had the clearest plan on how to develop the pier as an event arena”, says Kjell Johansson, at Älvstranden Utveckling AB, the landowner of Frihamnspiren.

When the city of Gothenburg and Älvstranden Utveckling AB put the option to rent Frihamnspiren out on the market, the most important requirement was that any actions taken should be in line with the Vision Älvstaden plan and open and accessible for everyone.

“Frihamnen has proven to be a great venue for residents in Gothenburg and visitors to the city to meet. Now we want to take the next step and utilize the unique possibilities that the pier has”, says Erica Berghagen, CEO of the new Brandspot owned company Frihamnen Arena AB.

Swedish Touring Car Championship racing, go karting, nightclubs, the Volvo Ocean Race and the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series are just a few examples of the many events and activities that have taken place at Frihamnspiren the last couple of years.

“We want to create an arena for all types of events and diversity will be an important watchword in our work. Moving forward, Frihamnen can be a perfect venue for concerts, sports events, conferences and much more”, says Erica Berghagen.

For more information about Frihamnen Arena AB:
Erica Berghagen, CEO of Frihamnen Arena AB: 073-509 18 34
Annica Tisell, Manager of rentals at Älvstranden: 031-368 96 12

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